The Home Field Advantage Program provides a game plan for students, parents, and teachers to empower today’s youth. It provides the resources and insight to develop the mindset and foster the environment needed for young people to thrive academically and socially in today’s ever-changing complex world.


Phil Pederson, Speaker and Academic Consultant
Phil “Coach” Pederson
Speaker &
Academic Consultant
Phil Pederson brings a unique perspective to helping today’s youth prepare for life.

His 16 year education career included teaching 4th grade and several years teaching advanced placement classes at the high school level. In addition to teaching, Coach Pederson was a head wrestling coach for 15 years and a freshman volleyball coach for 12 years.

  As a coach preparing athletes for battle on the mat or teacher preparing students for an AP exam, Coach Pederson addresses the need to develop the mental toughness kids need. However, being demanding and setting high expectations are futile efforts with one key element: the expression of unconditional love and support.

  Coach Pederson has developed what a former student athlete describes as “WAY good insight” into what today’s kids need from their teachers and parents.

Speaking Topics Include

“What I Wished My Parents Knew About Me”
Do you know the best predictor for your children’s future success? Do you know how your kids truly feel and the support they honestly want and need? Learn how to create an environment in which your kids can thrive while preparing them to take on the challenges of life.

“Momma Can’t Save You Now!”
Research shows that self-discipline and grit are the best predictors for future success. How can teachers accomplish instill these values with a generation of “soft” kids who are products of over-protective and outspoken parents? Learn the emotional balancing act required to develop “mentally tough” kids who are prepared for life beyond graduation.

“‘I’m Fine,’ And Other Lies We Tell Our Parents”
Speaking directly to the kids, Coach Pederson tells them, “You will not be defined by a test, which college you go to, or if you make the basketball team. You have the power to define your life and who you are.” Coach Pederson challenges today’s youth to turn away from a life defined by material possessions and instead embrace life and relationships and use their talents to better themselves and the world.

Phil Pederson


I would love to come present to your parents and staff at your school, church, or other social organization. Please contact me to schedule a date:

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I’m pretty sure I have never been so moved at a school sponsored presentation. It actually exceeded my high expectations.”

Mike Lydle (Teacher & Parent)

Phil presented a balanced support guide for parents to utilize with their children. His session was engaging and thought-provoking.”

Susan Johnson (Teacher & Parent)

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who cares for or works with today’s youth.”

Misty Flynn (MA, LSSP, Nationally Certified School Psychologist Licensed Specialist in School Psychology)