Home Field Advantage is a system for parents and teachers to empower children to take control of their success and gives insight into the love and support their children honestly want and need. It fosters an environment for their children to thrive academically and socially, to prepare them to overcome challenges in life, and avoid high-risk behaviors.



  • Prepare children to control their destiny.
  • Develop self-discipline, grit, & focus.
  • Follow a proven system to improve academic success.
  • Excel in time management.

Love & Support

  • Become a partner not a persecutor.
  • Give the support children honestly want & need.
  • Develop a relationship that will decrease alcohol & drug abuse.
  • Create a motivating environment.
“Coach Pederson’s presentation last night was one of the best school functions I have ever attended! Not only does he understand our kids and the issues that face them but he cares!” – Jayne Montes, Parent

Balance of Empowerment and Love and Support


I would love to come present to your parents and staff at your school, church, or other social organization. Please contact me to schedule a date:

Phil Pederson, 15-year Educator, Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

(512) 565–6895

I’m pretty sure I have never been so moved at a school sponsored presentation. It actually exceeded my high expectations.”

Mike Lydle (Teacher & Parent)

Phil presented a balanced support guide for parents to utilize with their children. His session was engaging and thought-provoking.”

Susan Johnson (Teacher & Parent)

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who cares for or works with today’s youth.”

Misty Flynn (MA, LSSP, Nationally Certified School Psychologist Licensed Specialist in School Psychology)